Digital Locking

Looking for a new or replacement master key system?

Mechanical systems do not adapt as your business evolves. Replacing master key suites every few years is expensive, time consuming and only improves security temporarily.

It is time to take a different approach.

An Electronic Master Key System will be the last system you should need to buy.

Lets look at the better way

There are reasons why we continue to evolve the technology we use in everyday life. The additional feature benefits of emerging technology give us a safe, secure and easier lifestyle against ever developing threats. Locking technology has evolved

Beginning lock


Past lock


Present lock



Always Secure

Lost and stolen keys cause stress and inconvenience, as well as generating a significant security risk.

Replacing locks takes time and incurs a significant cost.

The operation of marking a key as “lost” from the database is all that is needed to secure your staff and property. No cost, no fuss, No stress

Do you know where all your keys are?


Traditional master key systems are inflexible, and require complex calculation to produce the key combinations needed. This results in a static structure they does not evolve with business needs.


With one click and system administrator can alter the system lock chart, making immediate changes effective across the system. No longer a requirement for new locks to be produced or a locksmith called to swap cylinder hardware, providing significant cost savings.

Future Proof

Traditional key suites can be operated at any time of day or night, and provide no audit trail of who has opened which door or operated a piece of machinery for example.

Future Proof Torch

Our Electronic Master Key Systems are built with the latest technology, and has been miniturised into the head of a key and within a normal lock cylinder. The system provides flexible but secure working. Making sure keys only operate within certain time and date parameters. The lock and keys also hold full audit trails should there be a need to trace site use or investigate an incident.

Are you carrying too many keys?

Are you managing a large key wall?

Users can carry a multitude of keys, creating a nightmare in key management. Who has what, and who has access to where?

Too Many Keys

Let us demonstrate a much easier future.

One key per user makes key management a breeze.